Selling My Books: Malcolm Welshman’s Top Tip for Book Promotion

Dora with the book in her paw

Every Writers’ Wednesday, a successful author shares a favourite book promotion tip here on Debbie Young’s Off The Shelf blog This post’s going up a day early to fit in with the guest’s busy blog tour schedule! I’d first spotted Malcolm … Continue reading

How to Sell More Books: Hold More Meetings in Coffee Shops

cup of coffee

With so much happening online, it’s all too easy to forget the marketing value of meeting fellow writers and potential readers face-to-face. Sharing a cup of coffee may not be very high tech, but it’s a great way of networking with new friends.

After meeting Scottish novelist Ali Bacon via mutual friends on Twitter, enjoying her novel A Kettle of Fish on my summer holiday in Scotland, and realising we live geographically just a few miles apart, it seemed crazy not to meet up in real life.

And so I arranged to meet her or coffee in nearby Chipping Sodbury, feeling vaguely guilty for taking time out, deserting my desk.

The hour we spent chatting has been so fruitful, leading to other mutually beneficial friendships and further opportunities to promote our books, such as guesting on each other’s blogs.

My post for Ali’s Between the Lines blog has gone live today, and she will be visiting Off The Shelf tomorrow, so do come back here to find out more about her then.

But in the meantime, I hope you’ll want to hop over to Between the Lines and read my guest post for her, in which I reveal my circuitous route to becoming a writer of fiction:

Non-Fiction as The Novelist’s Apprenticeship – hosted by Ali Bacon at Between the Lines

In the Pink


Author Helen Hart

In the pink - the author and her website!


When it comes to websites, I’m convinced that less is more.

This is certainly true of the crisp, new site that I’ve just finished off for the author Helen Hart – as much as any website can ever be said to be truly finished.

The plain white background sets off the colourful masthead photo of a shelf full of the books she writes for the young teenage girls, and the flashes of fuschia pink, used as an accent colour throughout, adds the essential feminine touch.

The site will be of interest not only to Helen’s readers, but also to aspiring authors, who are already visiting her pages of writing tips in droves.  Click here to take a look at the site for yourself – and prepare to be dazzled!