“Sell Your Books!” (Reviews)

Cover of Sell Your Books!Just in case Amazon or any other website ever decides to delete any of the wonderful reviews I’ve received for “Sell Your Books!” , I’ll be pasting them ALL here, in date order (newest at the top). All the reviews listed here were originally published on Amazon, unless otherwise stated. If you’ve written a review elsewhere that I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll add it in.

BEST BOOK by Jeremy Good on Twitter (15 March 2015)

Sell Your Books was one of the first & most informative guides to self-publishing I read.

HEARTENING, ENCOURAGING & INSPIRING by Jan Ruth (3 June 2014) * * * * *

A valuable resource. I wish I’d had this book on my kindle three years ago when I began the long journey which is self-publishing.

I read with interest the sections covering promotion as a brand and selling yourself as an author. Knowing your target reader and identifying the market for your books can be tricky to work out. Many self published authors fall into the trap of sitting between genre, and this is quite often the very reason that mainstream publishers have turned them down in the past. These chapters were full of solid advice.

Unlike lots of help guides, the author doesn’t wholly concentrate on the Internet. Selling paperbacks can be a different story!

Above all, as well as being a mine of practical information, I found the book to be heartening, encouraging and inspiring. It’s one I’ll be dipping into time and again.


A wonderful little book with lots of great advice for the newly self-published author. How to get out there and get your name and your book known – either digitally via Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc or in the real world via bookshop appearances, radio interviews and book launches. Definitely worth investing in if you are venturing into the world of self-publishing.

BRILLIANT! by Jessica Bell (26 April 2014) * * * * *

Being a seasoned author who lives in a non-English-speaking country, I’ve gotten to know the ins and outs of selling books online. And I can say, without a doubt, that this book offers perfectly sound advice. What a brilliant resource to have when you are just starting out! I recommend it highly.

But this book doesn’t only focus on how to sell online, it also talks about real time face-to-face networking. If I lived in an English-speaking country, I’d be making myself a condensed list based on this book, and would immediately put every single strategy into motion. Perhaps in another life! Maybe one day, I’ll move back to Australia. If I do, I’ll be sure to pack this book in my suitcase.

ENGAGING, PRACTICAL AND TO THE POINT BY Michael Mac (14 March 2014) * * * * *

I’m a relatively new author but I’ve read widely on how to market self-published books. I reckon this is the best guide I have read on the subject.

Debbie Young is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in this field but she wears her knowledge lightly. The book is an easy read and although I’ve been promoting my own book for a couple of years I came away immediately with lots of new ideas that I can implement immediately.


BRILLIANT by Mrs I Forbes (13 March 2014) * * * * *

Great book, thanks Debbie Young. An essential tool, a handbook to dip into. One that guides you to methodically plan and implement strategies to both promote and sell your self published books. Don’t hesitate. Buy it if you are waiting to publish your book and if you have already done so and require some essential guidance.

VERY USEFUL STUFF by Urban Fox (8 March 2014) * * * * *

The risk of writing a book that tells writers about how to sell their book is that it has to be pretty perfect otherwise you will lose you readers very quickly. Thankfully you always feel safe in Debbie’s hands and she professionally guides you through what can be a fairly daunting process. There is a lot of first hand experience here and, even if everything is not useful, there will be something that will help all writers, if only as a reminder of what they should be doing.

Although the book often points out the obvious, I have come to learn in life that what may seem obvious to most of us, comes as a stunning surprise to others.
I enjoyed the book and it kept me positive about my own fledging writing hobby as well as giving me some genuinely helpful advice.

NOT JUST THE OBVIOUS by Stuffer “stuffer 12” (17 February 2014) * * * * * 

Having recently published my first novel, I had a few ideas how to get the message out, but no real cohesive plan. Debbie’s book helped me to create one.

It’s not just that the book has a wealth of tips and ideas, but I love the structure, it follows a path. If you read through this book and make notes as you go, by the end you will realise that you have a plan to follow.

Of course, the hard bit is then to action the plan, but I can’t ask Debbie to do that for me as well!

A BOOK TO KEEP by Isabel “Mibs” (12 February 2014) * * * * *

Sell Your Books is a practical, essential guide. Debbie Young guides you through the roller coaster of emotions following the publication of your book, and then gently reminds you that there is work to be done! It is a book to reference to through the year, and I do hope she will do updated versions in the future as necessary – it really is a book to keep on your shelf.

READ THIS BEFORE PUBLISHING YOUR OWN BOOK! by FMT (10 February 2014) * * * * *

How I wish I’d read this book two years ago! Not to mention the hours of research it would have saved me, Sell Your Books! would also have offered great comfort and reassurance at a time when self-publishing seemed a minefield of uncertainty.

A gentle, but inspiring and stimulating introduction to the publishing market and the highs and lows of launching a book into that new world – be it self or traditionally published – in Sell Your Books! Young is skilled at explaining things in a way that is completely readable and puts you at great ease. While other books for new authors can get quite specific about the ins and outs of Amazon algorithms and other peculiarities of an ever-changing market, Sell Your Books! is much more about the basics every author should know before they embark on their own publishing journey. I would quickly add that the book is tailored more to UK authors, but other nationalities should still find great value.

This book is both a comprehensive look at how a new author should approach the publishing industry and also a guide filled with lists of proactive steps and measures authors should consider (and take) in order to give their book the best possible entry to market. I particularly found her advice for securing support, PR and engagement in an author’s local area very useful, and that her advice was backed up with examples from existing authors (there’s a whole section of “author case studies” at the end of the book). In terms of the book’s layout and structure, I think it was pretty much spot on with quirky chapter titles, thought-provoking quotes opening each new section and a very logical order to things. Based on Young’s knowledge and experience (she’s an incremental part of the Alliance of Independent Authors which is where I found out about her and this book), I’d be very interested to read a follow-up to Sell Your Books! as I sense the author has much more to share!

INSPIRING GUIDE FULL OF GOOD SENSE by Linda Carol (31 December 2013) * * * * *

I loved all of this book. The author’s experience and good humour really shine though, and make this guide indispensable for any author who wants to sell more books. That’s every writer I know.

TAKE A BIG STEP FORWARD, THE INDIE AUTHOR by Elegsabiff (18 December 2013) * * * * *
This is a clear and practical guide to getting out there and selling books and if you are bold and brave you have to have it in your library. If you’re an Indie author determined to make the most of every opportunity (if you just knew how to identify them), ditto.

The only reason it doesn’t have five stars from me is the warning to the shy, because it might terrify you. Anyone who tucks themselves away to write, and hopes this book will wave a magical wand and make wonderful things happen with minimum input should know there isn’t a wand. This is a guide, an invaluable guide, with lots and lots of good advice like how to handle your first radio interview, and how to run a successful launch and sell yourself as much as your book (eep)and frankly terrifying stuff like that. However it is also packed with the kind of stuff you need to know to lead you, step by step, into the place where you suddenly find you really could be hosting a book launch and doing press releases and interviews. So a very solid 4 stars, and no more groping along in the dark for the new Indie author.

My sleek and beautiful review copy is now bristling with post-its, this is definitely a book to get in print, not on Kindle, and you’ll probably need another when the first is worn out. You’ll refer to it that often.


I devoured this in a couple of sessions. It gives you everything you need to know about self-publishing and selling your own books in just 150 pages. Debbie knows her stuff. As you would expect, it has all the information, detail and advice you will need, with insightful contributions from several successful self-published authors. Just bear in mind that technology is changing all the time, so by next Christmas we could all be reading books right in front of our eyes on super-smart iGlasses. Then Debbie can bring out an updated version of this book.
Frankly, ‘Sell Your Books!’ was worth reading for the first page of Chapter 13 alone – wonderful advice and encouragement distilled from Debbie’s years of experience. Just two minor niggles deprive it of that 5th star – I could have used some advice on how best to organise book signings, readings etc, when your book is only available in paperback from Amazon viaCreateSpace (I guess you just have to invest in your own print run?) and the paperback is a tad expensive, though you can always buy the download, but I love books.So, if you’re thinking of self-publishing, don’t hesitate – as Richard Denning writes in his review, this book will save you a lot of time and money.
JUST WHAT AN INDIE AUTHOR NEEDS by Lucy McCarraher (10 November 2013) * * * * *
As a an author and publisher I’m always looking for, and giving advice about getting your indie-published book noticed by readers and the media. Debbie Young gathers up all the current knowledge and presents it in a readable and – most important – doable programme for authors who are not marketing experts. She goes into just the right amount of detail to answer typical questions and covers all the bases that a DIY book marketer can make use of. You can try everything she suggests or pick the ones that will be most use to you. I will be using this book myself and recommending it to Rethink Press authors.
WHAT A GREAT TOOLKIT by Neala (2 October 2013) * * * * *
This is a very useful tool for people wanting good but also realistic information on how to market/ sell their books. It is easy to read and not overly long which appeals to me. I enjoyed reading it combined with the fact that I learnt some really useful stuff.

A MUST-READ FOR AUTHORS by Caro (24 August 2013) * * * * *

Beautifully written in easy-to-understand language for those who are not promotion / marketing-savvy such as myself. Full of sensible tips and brilliant advice, I really do recommend Debbie Young’s book for all writers setting out on a journey through the literary “jungle.”

GREAT ADVICE FOR SELF-PUBLISHED & INDIE AUTHORS by Stephen C (8 August 2013) * * * * *

Debbie Young’s ‘Sell Your Books’ does a great job of covering all the most important components of establishing oneself as a self-published or indie author. The book focuses on the marketing aspects of self-publishing and offers sound advice about how to promote a book in the physical and digital domains. This book will especially appeal to those who are writing their first book and need to think about how they might generate sales. Recommended reading!

COMPREHENSIVE HANDBOOK FOR AUTHORS by Ali B (4 August 2013) * * * * 

In the brave new world of publishing, the author has to sell as well as write, but very few of us have the time skills or even enthusiasm to go about it in a professional manner. Luckily help is at hand in the shape of this book from Debbie Young. Sell your Books is a manual for authors that covers everything from getting a website to writing and sending out a press release, with useful tips along the way on using social media, book launches and all the ways of getting your book `out there’. But it’s not just a list of tips. It has a clear structure that begins with a useful assessment of the publishing industry and advice on identifying your target market. It ends with some home truths on getting your product right before you venture into the market at all. The intervening chapters are detailed enough for the author to get a feel for what do or not do without being overly technical. For me the chapters on real word book launches and dealing with the media are particularly useful with the section radio interviews was particularly illuminating. If I have a criticism of this book, I found it less useful on the social media side, although the author has a linked website with further help and updates in this area. Having read the Kindle version, I would also have liked a contents page and/or index to enable skimming and dipping. Blessed with a common-sense approach, this book might not break new ground but could still be a vital part of any writer’s toolkit.


What I love most about this book is the way Debbie Young regularly reassures the reader not to worry! You sense she REALLY understands how scary the whole marketing thing can sound. “Feeling daunted?” she says in the first chapter, as she squeezes your hand and smiles. “Please don’t be!” And by the end of the book you start to believe that EVEN YOU might be able to manage her sensible and achievable suggestions.

Equally relevant to both indie authors and those traditionally published, it is an easy-to-use reference guide to raising your profile and selling your books.

SELL YOUR BOOKS! by Maurice Joseph (July 8, 2013) * * * * * (on Amazon.com)
This book by Debbie Young is an essential purchase for all self-publishers. The author covers every topic necessary to successfully market your book; from promotion, presentation, the pitfalls to avoid, excellent advice on that all-embracing publicity aspect. Debbie emphasizes the dedication necessary for Indie writers to succeed. She points out how severe the competition is, with over 200,000 new titles hitting the streets each year in Great Britain alone. (That rocked me back a bit on my heels) So,obviously, it’s important to target the section of the market with mutual interests. However, don’t be disheartened, you might be one of the many independent authors, smiling at your achievement, as praise is lavished at you from all quarters. Thanks Debbie.

A NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO RETURN TO AGAIN AND AGAIN! by Karen Inglis (23 June 2013) * * * * *

This is a fantastic no-nonsense guide for all authors – self-published or otherwise – on how to sell more books! Written in a wonderfully accessible style – and with user-friendly checklists throughout – it covers the whole sales and marketing spectrum, from how to identify your readers and plan your campaign, to the practicalities of using both online and offline methods to let them know about your book – from blogs, mailing lists, and social media, to face-to-face at local groups/events and more traditional PR methods.

On the PR side, there’s an extremely useful section on targeting local or specialist newspapers/niche magazines, local radio and more – including how to pitch and tweak your story or release to catch the editor’s attention.There are also some great tips on promotional materials, and organising book launches and other events. Last but by no means least, the author offers advice on how to approach bookshops and persuade them to stock your book.

I write for my day job, as well as for children and I’ve been doing much of what’s covered here for sometime – yet I am in no doubt that this book is resource that I shall revisit time and again to remind myself of what else I need to do – and keep doing – to sell more books! Indeed I have the corner folded on six pages as things stand – all items to add to my marketing action plan! The concluding chapter `Keep the plate spinning’ is aptly named!

I for one would say `buy this book’. Mine’s the print version because I like turning down pages!


There are many books and websites offering to show authors and publishers how to publicise and sell their books. I have read five or six, and this is by far the best. Intelligent, practical, well-written and full of that indispensable ingredient, common sense. It also has the unmistakable ring of a work produced from long experience. If you’re bewildered by the choice, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book.

MY AUTHOR BIBLE! by Estelle Wilkinson (27 March 2013) * * * * *

I would recommend this book to any author wanting to promote their books well! It is packed full of invaluable advice that is given in an extremely friendly and down to earth manner.

GREAT TIPS by Debra H May (25 March 2013) * * * * *

I am reading this book now. She has lots of interesting ideas that are helpful to me. I am trying to publish as an indie for now and I need all the help I can get. She is very energetic and I think I would have to clone myself several times to accomplish the things she suggests.

A MINE OF INFORMATION by Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn (20 March 2013) * * * * *

Debbie Young’s ‘Sell Your Books!’ is a mine of information for self-published and indie authors on the sometimes vexed issue of ensuring books and readers ‘meet’ each other. Its chapters range from why promoting your book is essential to using social media, to how to maintain momentum, and cover every angle in between. It is written in a straight-forward, easy-to-read style and offers helpful advice and tips on book promotion. It would be nvaluable not only for an author publishing their work for the first time, but also useful for those with some experience of book promotion to act as a reminder, checklist and support on the often tricky path of marketing a book.


I came across Debbie Young’s book on Twitter – yes, I am living proof that Twitter adverts can succeed! I’ve never written a book, but I am interested in marketing, particularly indie books.Too many authors do all that hard work – write and publish their novel – then sit back and wonder why it isn’t selling.

There wasn’t anything ground-breaking in Debbie’s advice, but I’m not necessarily the target audience. I do know that indie authors often need to have the obvious pointed out to them.Creating an online presence is essential – be it a blog or a website. We live in the age of Google and there’s nothing more frustrating (to me, a potential customer) than finding `zero results’ when I want to learn more about an author before I turn my cash into copy.

So when should you buy this book? When you’re about to publish? No! Buy it during the writing process. There are days when you need a break from your book and what better distraction could there be than to plan your marketing campaign? Many of Debbie’s recommendations need to be in place before you finish writing and when the going gets tough, I think you will be inspired and motivated by her ideas.

Me? Well, I so enjoyed imagining myself at a radio interview, grinning from the cover of a local magazine and being toasted at the champagne-soaked launch party that I may need to write a book of my own…

Debbie writes with authority, especially when she reinforces the need for reviews, particularly those published on Amazon. She cautions against the over the top, five-star-written-by-friends review. And she’s right to do so – but this book deserves a five star review, so that’s what it’s getting!

SOUND, DOWN TO EARTH ADVICE by Emmsy (13 March 2013) * * * *

I’d say this is actually a useful book for a whole spread of writers, self published and those signed to small indie presses as well as those under a bigger publisher. Because these days – unless you’re a huge seller – a significant proportion of marketing falls on the shoulders of the author. So it’s very useful to have a guide like this which sets out pre- and post-publication checklists. Recommended.

GREAT FOR THE NOVICE! by Richard Gamble (9 March 2013) * * * * (on Amazon.com)

As a novice book marketer, I desperately needed some direction and this book provided it for me… for the beginner, my situation, it was extremely helpful.

A MUST! by Zac Thraves (8 March 2013) * * * * *

If you are a writer, indie or not, then this book is a must-have for you. Debbie Young writes so easily, it is as if a voice is guidng you along. Debbie cruises you towards marketing your book on-line; using social media and arranging events. She gives valuable insight into what to do and her enthusiasm really shines through the words.

This book is a necessity and I have been using the words of Debbie to promote my own work here on Amazon. Buy this, you won’t regret it.

Also by Zac Thraves on my guest post on the Catherine, Caffeinated’s blog (6 March 2013)

I already have a copy and have been using the advice to sell my book Pirates Vs Fairies. It has worked, promotion on-line; FB page; doing presentations at schools. I have been encouraged by the words of Debbie and the enthusiasm. Now, with another book out there I am encouraged to go that step further with promotion and do something guerilla style! All I can say is that Sell Your Books! is well worth buying and offers brilliant tips and and insight into how to market yourself. It is a wide world, it can be daunting, but it can be done.

GREAT ADVICE FOR THE INDY PUBLISHERS by Christopher Casburn (26 February 2013) * * * * *

I have published my book The Creatures of Chichester on Amazon and Kindle so now all the hard work starts. Even though I had a website and some ideas – this books provides tons more in an easily digestible form.

A MUST-HAVE BOOK by Caz Greenham (20 February 2013) * * * * *

As a new author of The Adventures of Eric Seagull (series) – Sell Your Books! is now on my kindle and always available to look up useful hints, tips, great advice and loads more. It’s a ‘must have book’ for new and not-so-new authors! Debbie’s advice is practical and easy to follow. It really is a must have book for us all. There’s loads and loads of information – a book everyone should own.

A GREAT BOOK by Paul Newnton (20 January 2013) * * * *

Sell Your Books! is a great book. I wish I had a copy when I published my first book. Packed with useful information, hints and tips it is a must buy if as a self-published author you want to sell your books.


Full of practical, helpful ideas and suggestions for getting your book noticed and out there. Direct and clear in style – this is an essential handbook for any writer.

SELL YOUR BOOKS! by Judith Barrow (5 January 2013) * * * * *

Wading through all the information on publishing and helping a writer to find a readership can be confusing, especially for a ‘first-timer’ like myself.Debbie Young presents the facts in a simple and easy format.One of the best books I have read that has helped me to navigate all the pitfalls. She writes in an engaging fashion that draws one in; like listening to advice from a friend. It is obvious she has a wealth of experience in all aspects of publishing and marketing, expanding on various kinds of sales campaigns. This is certainly a book I will be referring to many times in my new ventures into publishing.

EVERY WRITER NEEDS THIS BOOK! by “Jude” (1 January 2013) * * * * *

This is a brilliant book – for every writer, or aspiring writer, who needs guidance, support and advice about the bewildering world of self-publishing,promotion, social networking to advance sales etc.

It is factual, sympathetic and constructive – Debbie Young cuts through all the confusing information out there and presents clearly and candidly what writers really need to know if they are going to reach any kind of readership.

It seems to be both the best and the worst times for writers right now (sorry, Dickens!)with the virtual impossibility of securing a conventional publishing deal yet with the real opportunity of taking charge oneself with self-publishing and e books………and Debbie Young’s book should be compulsory reading for anyone thinking of taking this route (or who already has and is wondering why they’re not selling at all). It will certainly be constantly at my side during 2013!

INVALUABLE BOOK FOR INDIE AUTHORS by Kate Frost (24 December 2012) * * * * *

As a writer about to self-publish my first novel I read Debbie Young’s Sell Your Books! with great interest and found it to be an informative and invaluable guide for indie authors. Written in a friendly and encouraging way, Sell Your Books! draws on Young’s marketing, PR, journalism and publishing experience to guide the reader through all the ups and downs of selling self-published books, both printed and e-books.

What I loved the most about Sell Your Books! was the encouragement it gave me to be able to promote my own book (something that I feel is not my strong point). It was an inspiring read and I found myself noting down ideas of what I plan to do once I publish my novel. Not only that Young’s book confirmed I was already doing things right with blogs and social networking. It’s a book that you can go back to time and time again and dip in and out of as and when you need to.

Whether you’ve already got a book out there or are on the verge of self-publishing like myself, Sell Your Books! is an invaluable and inspiring read. Indie authors – don’t publish without it!

HAD SOME REALLY HELPFUL IDEAS by “sb1229” (13 December 2012 on http://www.amazon.com) * * * *

I began reading the book hoping it would have the magical cure that would make my books fly off the shelves. While it didn’t quite do the trick, I did find out why. Planning is the key. There were some really good steps that I need to make that I didn’t even know existed.

The Author is obviously based in the UK, but the implementations are the same. It also brought home the point that while I am an American Author, I really need to broaden my scope in terms of my marketing plans.

I did learn a lot from this book and would recommend it to anyone. It was easy to read and gave concise instructions.

THE ONLY OTHER SELF-HELP BOOK YOU’LL EVER NEED! by David Ebsworth (6 December 2012) * * * * *

As a new and aspiring author, I realised that I only needed TWO self-help books. One was Stephen King’s remarkable On Writing. And the other? Well, the other one didn’t exist. Until now!

Debbie Young’s equally remarkable Sell Your Books! picks up where King sadly left off – a handbook about promoting and marketing your finished work, aimed mainly at the self-published or independent author, but equally valuable for those who’ve gone through a more traditional publishing route without being one of the “big names”.

Concisely written and easy to follow, Young sets out… the reasons that books need (and deserve) promotion and selling; an explanation of the current books market with all its wonderful diversity; potential plans for a marketing and selling campaign; tips on how to identify markets for particular types of book; methods of getting to know target audiences; sensible advice on how to harness the power of the internet; advice on how to exploit other networks – like book fairs, library events, etc; cautionary notes on how to approach retailers; the production and organisation of promotional materials, book launches, signings and other events; ways to engage the media; budget considerations about what to spend in both money and time; and, finally, the all-important post-script. Young’s last chapters deal with the self-evident but often-forgotten fact that even the best marketing campaign won’t sell a book that’s got a duff jacket design and lots of typos – so a gentle but necessary reminder about the value of the “second edition”, as well as the need to maintain a campaign’s momentum once it’s begun.

And here’s the wonderful thing that Sell Your Books! shares with On Writing. There’s a lovely “sleight of hand” in both of them. King managed to make his self-help book as riveting as his novels and, at one point, actually scary. Debbie Young manages to produce a self-help book that practises what it preaches – since you can track every piece of the advice it contains against its author’s own marketing strategy, website and promotional tricks in a way that’s truly inspirational.

Highly recommended!

SLIPS DOWN LIKE JELLY!  by Jill Rutherford (5 December 2012) * * * * *

This book is written in a lighthearted and easy to understand way. Full of good advice, sensibly thought out. Technical things are simply explained and slip into the consciousness as easily as jelly down a throat. One of the best books of its kind I’ve read. Debbie Young has done a great job with this book.

SELLLING BOOKS MADE EASY  by “The Writer Alison, France” (4 December 2012) * * * *

Sweating over a hot keyboard, writing 90,000 words takes months and months, not to mention the revisions, edits, polishing and general beautifying. Then, at last, it’s published and available.

This may not be good news, but now the hard part begins – marketing and selling your book. It’s like pregnancy, which you thought was hard; once the baby is born, then the slog begins. Luckily, Debbie Young has written a book stuffed with good information, practical steps and common sense to get us through the early years phase. Debbie covers the current market, how to plan a campaign, identifying your market, using media, social and print/radio, getting into retail outlets and budget considerations.

The only thing that could have possibly enhanced it was an outline time plan, but perhaps that’s going to be included in the second edition 😉

Thoroughly recommended for all authors.

INVALUABLE ADVICE AND ENCOURAGEMENT by Lucienne Boyce  (1st December 2012) * * * * *

Sell Your Books! is a bit like the Tardis – it’s not a big book but inside it you’ll find lots of useful advice and tips. And it’s practical – just what a handbook should be. Definitely one to keep on the “how to” shelf and come back to.

EXCELLENT STARTING POINT FOR THE ART OF BOOK PROMOTION by Richard Denning  (24 November 2012) * * * *

I am a self published author and – for the sake of transparency – I am one of the authors mentioned in this book.

WAIT – don’t just assume I have given it a good rating because of this fact. I received a review copy and read the book in 3 days and did so because it was very readable and very accessible and summarized in 150 pages the essence of good book promotion.

Debbie Young has spent a long time pulling together all the various aspects of book promotion that a self published author needs to look at. I started on my own self publishing journey in October 2009. I made a LOT of mistakes in my journey and as a result wasted a lot of time and money. Now – 3 years on I can honestly say I WISH this book was available then.

Any criticism or comments? Well IMHO I think the chapter at the end on editing, typesetting and cover design really belongs at the very beginning. I wasted a LOT of time and effort producing poor quality designs and because at the start I had no editor my product suffered. I now have an editor and a book design artist and have learnt quite a bit about typesetting. So READ chapter 12 FIRST and get all those ducks in a line before you proceed.

I would also have liked to see an advanced chapter for those of us doing all this stuff already

Having said all that I found that the book prompted me to look at areas where I was not active enough and in January when I sit down to work out my plan for 2013 I will refer to this book.

A MUST HAVE! by GirlCop (24 November 2012) * * * * *

Sell Your Books is a must have bible for those looking to get their books out there! A down to earth realistic reference book written in a clear and friendly style with heaps of tips for authors just starting out or for those seeking a wider circulation. This book is one you can dip in and out of when you need more ideas. A must have on any writer’s bookshelf.

So if you are a starting out self published author read this book. It will tell you all you need to know to begin book promotion.

SELL YOUR BOOKS! by David Williams (22 November 2012) * * * * *

This eminently readable book sits comfortably on my shelves beside my Writers and Artists Yearbook, Dictionaries and Thesaurus. It is a reference book for all who write and publish their own work, whether established or a beginner. Written in a very easy style it contains a fountain of useful and vital information that any author will immediately recognise and those aspiring to become one will quickly appreciate. Debbie Young’s journalistic experience enables her to present her knowledge in a way that goes straight to the nub of a problem and makes the solution sound logical.

This is a book to read before you plan your marketing and to dip into as your plan develops.

It is a book that inspires confidence and will guide you towards successful selling.

I thoroughly recommend it.

SELL YOUR BOOKS! by Shaun Ivory (21 November 2012) * * * * *

Having been writing all my adult life and consequently bought, read and acted upon a quite a number of self-help books I was at first loath to try another. Already a self-published author several times over I came across Debbie’s blog some time ago and am familiar with some of her work, so I know she approaches all her projects professionally. So, too, with this one; how she manages to encapsulate all the various elements of writing and selling into 152 pages is a measure of not only her dedication to subject but her passion for the writers’ trade. I was particularly interested and enlightened by her take on the the recent electronic evolution in publishing – almost ahead of the game, to my mind! Anybody who does not get more than their money’s worth from Sell Your Books! simply isn’t serious about writing. Well done, Debbie!

Shaun Ivory, Writer of Thriller Fiction.

INVALUABLE FOR INDIE AUTHORS! by Helen Hollick (9 November 2012) * * * *

The opportunity to self publish your own book is now so easy to accomplish, but it is one thing writing a book – getting it edited, producing it to a high standard, adding it to Amazon is another thing entirely… but then what do you do? Sit back and hope people will buy it? Well, unfortunately, you are possibly going to sit there for a long time. There are millions of books on Amazon – how are potential readers to know YOURS is there, up for grabs?

The answer is to market it, to get the word out – and to do that, this delightfully written “How To” book could be your answer.

Written in a friendly, simple, manner it is full of hints, tips, do’s and don’ts. Every Indie author should have a copy!

A VERY USEFUL HANDBOOK by Helena Mallett (4 November 2012) * * * *

Debbie Young leaves no stone unturned in this excellent guide to promoting and selling books. She writes very well, offering clear and concise advice on the many aspects of social media including setting up your own website and the advantages of engaging on Facebook and Twitter. There are good suggestions too on how to use local media and also a comprehensive point by point model for the best way to approach the mainstream reviewers. A very useful handbook for any self-published author looking to increase book sales.

SELL YOUR BOOKS by Joanne Phillips (21 October 2012) * * * * *

As a self-published author, with books to sell, this book is aimed at people like me. What I especially liked about Sell Your Books! is that it is aimed primarily at the UK market. That’s not to say that authors in other parts of the world won’t find lots of useful advice contained in these pages, but having researched this topic extensively, it was refreshing for me to find a book that wasn’t primarily targeting US authors.

I was given an advance review copy of this book – but I then went on to buy the paperback anyway, because I loved it so much and knew I’d want to refer to it again and again. Debbie Young writes in an engaging and authoritative manner, and clearly has many years of experience helping clients sell their books. Even though I know quite a lot about this topic already, and have tried many of the tasks in the book at one time or another, I still found lots here to inspire me and many techniques or ideas that I haven’t yet tried.

This book is informative, eminently useful to any author – self published or not – and manages to cover a wide range of topics without skimping on detail. An absolute must-buy for any new author, and a valuable resource for all.