Reviews of Indie Authors’ Books

Statuette of reading manWhy I Review Books

While I don’t consider myself to be a book blogger, I do enjoy reviewing books by other writers, especially self-published or indie authors, and I recommend those authors write book reviews too. Here’s why:

  •  reviewing books by other authors makes you a more effective writer and editor
  •  reviewing other writers’ books, especially in your own genre, raises your profile before potential readers of your own work
  •  examining other authors’ review pages gives you ideas on how better to manage your own review pages
  •  familiarity with book reviewers (and reviewers) helps you build a thicker skin for when you get a bad review (and no matter how brilliant your book is, this will happen!)
  • taking time to  review books by writers in your social network encourages them to return the favour
  •  reading book reviews on other websites such as Amazon and GoodReads stimulates your writer’s imagination (“what on earth can the person be like to write THAT review?”)
  • it’s good fun!

Click here if you’d like to read my blog post that fleshes out these points more detail.

Read My Book Reviews Here

Click on a book’s title below to read my review. Within each review, you’ll also find a link to that book’s page on Amazon (or the author’s preferred online sales outlet) in case my review tempts you to try it for yourself. I also review extensively on Amazon and other sites and will do my best to cross-post here to give each book and its author maximum exposure!

Alternative Historical Fiction INCEPTIO by Alison Morton

Children’s Eeek! The Runaway Alien by Karen Inglis

Contemporary Fiction A Grave Inheritance by Anne Renshaw, A Kettle of Fish by Ali BaconA Limey in the Court of Uncle Sam by Ken Wise, Emotional Geology by Linda GillardSign Of The Times by Susan Buchanan, Silent Trauma by Judith BarrowThe Sock Wars by Maia Sepp

Fantasy White Mountain by Sophie E Tallis

Flash Fiction 75 x 75 = Flash Fraction by Helena Mallett ~ Life’s too short for long stories by Bart van Goethem

Historical Fiction To The Fair Land by Lucienne Boyce

Memoir and Biography It Started With A Click by Estelle Wilkinson The Philosophy of a Mad Man by Steven Colborne

Short Stories  A Life Unpredicted by Joanne PhillipsOne Day For Me by Sally Jenkins

Sci-Fi Dead and Buryd by Chele Cooke

Poetry Breaking Bread by David Nicholson, Glimpses of Insight by Asif Barkhiya Open Window by Joyce Williams

Writing Reference Books Adverbs & Cliches – Nutshell Series #2 by Jessica Bell

Young Adult Tomorrow’s Guardian by Richard Denning

Would You Like Your Book Reviewed Here?

If you’d like to send me a book to review, I’m always open to offers of free books, but please note – I have very limited time for reading and there are certain kinds of books that I will NEVER read, e.g. books containing graphic violence, terribly sad endings or very silly names. Call me crazy, but we readers have our foibles too, you know!