A Note about this Blog

Photo of Debbie with four fellow authors at a reading

With fellow ALLi authors JJ Franklin, Ellie Stevenson, David Penny and Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn at Evesham Writing Festival this summer

I first set up this blog as an offshoot of my first marketing guidebook for authors, Sell Your Books! It contains over 100 great posts of great marketing advice.

I no longer add new articles here, because I’m now Commissioning Editor of the Alliance of Independent Authors’Advice Centre blog, which features regular posts on book marketimg, promotion ideas, and all other aspects of self-publishing.

I also write about my own journey as an indie author on my personal blog.

Please follow those blogs if you’d like to – and in the meantime, I’ll keep this website live so that you may continue to benefit from my blog archive.


How to Sell Print Books via High Street Bookshops

Many self-published authors bypass the print route altogether, preferring to issue their books only as ebooks, which is quicker, cheaper and less technically demanding. However, it’s received wisdom that even if the ebook market is your primary goal, you’ll also … Continue reading

Great New Writing Competition for Self-Published Authors

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Selling My Books: Malcolm Welshman’s Top Tip for Book Promotion

Dora with the book in her paw

Every Writers’ Wednesday, a successful author shares a favourite book promotion tip here on Debbie Young’s Off The Shelf blog This post’s going up a day early to fit in with the guest’s busy blog tour schedule! I’d first spotted Malcolm … Continue reading