Selling My Books: Fenella Miller’s Top Tips for Book Promotion

Every Writers’ Wednesday, a successful self-published author shares a favourite book promotion tip here on Debbie Young’s Off The Shelf blog

Headshot of Fenella Miller

The novelist Fenella Miller

I first met romantic novelist Fenella Miller through the Alliance of Independent Authors, of which we are both author members.

Fenella is a great role model as a hard-working writer who is what’s known as a hybrid author: published by trade press companies but also self-published, gaining the best of both worlds.

I’m particularly pleased that she has so many of her Regency romances published in large print via Ulverscroft – I know from an elderly friend’s experience what a godsend these books are for the housebound and visually impaired.

Fenella’s back catalogue is very impressive, and any reader enjoying one of her books for the first time must be delighted to discover just how many more are available.Not surprisingly for an author with so many books to her name, Fenella earns a good living from writing full time and is walking proof of the maxim I’m so fond of quoting: “The best way to sell more books is to write more books.”

I’m delighted she’s also been able to spare the time to share her top tips for book marketing with us at Off The Shelf today. 

Over to Fenella…

“If I wish to do a free book promotion then I use ‘fiverr’ to put my details on twenty promotional sites. It costs around $15 and is well worth the money as it would take me a morning to do that myself.

“I found it very efficient, and the more sites the book title appears on, the better the download. However, at the moment I am not using the free book promotion, but no doubt I shall return to that at some stage.

Cover of The Duke & the Vicar's Daughter

Fenella Miller’s latest Regency novel

“I now use the Amazon promotional tool which is easy to set up and all instructions are on the site. This has given me excellent sales and I prefer not to be giving away my books for free. Obviously your book must be more than $3/£3 in order to use this tool. I put all my books up to this price so I could reduce them in the promotion – they have to be at the higher price for a month before you can promote them.

“I use Facebook and Twitter to promote my books and much prefer this method as you are talking directly to your readers. I also use my blog to promote and take up any offer to appear on other writers’ blogs as well. I am on over a dozen writing-related groups on Facebook and always mention my latest book on those as well.

“I think that having a newsletter is the best way to improve your readership and promote your new titles, but so far I haven’t ventured down that road. This is something I might well do in the future as it seems to be very successful for other writers.

Fenella Miller’s Latest Books

“My latest Regency title was published at the end of July, entitled The Duke and the Vicar’s Daughter – this is a new title and not from my backlist. The third and final part of my World War II trilogy, Barbara’s War, was published at the end of September. Currently I am writing a ghost story set in Pemberley.”

For more information about Fenella Miller, visit her author website here: or follow her on Twitter here: @fenellawriter


5 thoughts on “Selling My Books: Fenella Miller’s Top Tips for Book Promotion

  1. I’d like to thank Fenella for some practical advice, and also to beg a few more details. I have yet to investigate Fiverr – where do you find this service once you join the site? And re Amazon, what is the promotional tool you mention? I haven’t found anything like that yet, all I’ve used has been a Kindle Countdown deal.

  2. Deborah, The countdown tool is the promotion I was talking about – sorry for any confusion. I use ‘thedesertgirl’ on fiverr – I haven’t used this service for a while so not sure if she is till there. She was recommended to me by another indie-writer.

    • Phew! Thanks for clearing that up Fenella, I was starting to think I’d missed something useful!
      And thanks also for the other tip – I might take a look and see. There is always so much to be investigated!

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