1 Cheap & Easy Way to Promote Your Self-Published Book

Sample ID photos of a book cover

These tiny prints cost less than 5p each

Self-published authors often feel bogged down with the investment of time and money required to promote their books, so here’s a simple, low-cost tip that will cost you only a few moments and pence/cents.

Simply load a jpeg of your book’s cover image onto a memory stick, and next time you’re out shopping, stop by at one of those instant-print photo machines commonly found in retail pharmacies and supermarkets. Plug in your memory stick, select the jpeg of your book cover, and choose the print option which offers ID photos. For the cost of a single photographic print at standard snapshot size (6″ x 4″ or 10cm x 15cm), this will give you an array of 8 tiny images, each the size of a passport photo.

Tiny Photos Make a Big Impression

Take them home, cut them up, and voilà! Appealing little images of your book cover to carry around in your purse or wallet, for the next time your book crops up in conversation with a friend or stranger. Handing over this tiny picture is a terrific visual way to help them recognise and remember the name, author, title and visual appearance of your book – enough to find it in a bookshop or online, and much more appealing and unusual than an ordinary business card with a string of URLs and phone numbers on it. The shiny finish and quality feel will discourage them from binning it, and most likely they’ll show it to someone else, to share its novelty value. You could even sign it on the back with your best author signature, if you like, or add a sticker with your contact details.

Diabetes book on Kindle with ID photos

Hoping to publish a paperback soon

I think they’ll be particularly handy when promoting a book that exists only in digital format, for which you can’t show them a physical copy, as in the case of my latest book Coming To Terms With Type 1 Diabetes (though I’m hoping to launch a paperback soon).

Once the recipient has bought your book, they might use the little photo as a bookmark – or else pass it on to any small child who has a doll’s house. It’s the perfect size for a doll’s house coffee table or bookshelf!

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13 thoughts on “1 Cheap & Easy Way to Promote Your Self-Published Book

  1. Lovely idea, Debbie! I’ll give it a try.

    I gave one of my Blood-Tied bookmarks to the cashier at the supermarket the other day (she was soooo excited to have served a ‘real’ author) and slipped another in with the menus on the table in the pub where we had lunch today!

    • Well done, Wendy – it’s easy for us authors to forget that actually we’ve done something very special and unusual in writing and publishing a book. Bet she showed it to all her colleagues during her lunch break too! Great move in the pub too – brilliant!

  2. Original! That’s an excellent tip, Debbie. I’ll share this, as it’s so useful and a bit different.

    Actually, if you could let me know the actual dimensions of the final photo I could see if we can easily create a JPG from our book covers that’s scaleable in proportion so that nothing gets cropped off. A nice ‘extra’ for SilverWood authors.

    • Good idea, Helen! I’ve actually done them on two different machines that had slightly different dimensions. My chopped up photo measures 35mm x 45mm, and as you can see in the picture of 8 of them in a sheet, they include a thin white margin between each picture, which takes each sheet up to 10cm x 15cm. So pleased this idea is proving so popular – I think I’ve started a trend! 🙂

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