How to Use Guest Posts to Sell More Books – A Practical Demonstration

Image used for Jessica Bell's guest blog spot

Image from the guest spot on Jessica Bell’s blog

I’ve blogged before about how guest blog posts can help you raise your visibility and so sell more of your books, whether you’re host or guest.  I’m pleased to share with you now a practical example of how I’ve just been featured as a guest blogger on author and writing coach Jessica Bell’s Alliterative Allomorph treasure trove of a blog.

A Great Example of Hosting Guest Bloggers

Jessica hosts a different guest blogger every Wednesday, under the subtitle “The Artist Unleashed”. Her brief to her guests is simply to produce copy that will inspire and inform other writers. The result: a wide range of posts on different aspects of writing.

The regularity and diversity of these guest posts, and the professionalism with which Jess runs it (specific guidelines re deadlines, word count, comment policy, etc), makes hers an excellent example of how guest blogging benefits host and guest:

  • Her regular readers, many of whom have never heard of me, now have
  • I’m sending Jessica’s way regular readers from my Off The Shelf Book Promotions blog, and from my personal YoungByName blog too, exposing them not only to my guest post but to news of Jessica’s poetry, novels and writing guides too

How I Wrote My Guest Post

When I realised how many accomplished writers Jess had already hosted on her site, I thought “This will be a hard act to follow.”  And that thought was my jumping off point for my post – a bit of fun in which I consider Victorian literary greats and wonder how they coped without the modern writer’s high-tech tools. My conclusions may surprise you. Here’s my opening line:

“Sorry for Tolstoy?” I hear you cry. Why should a little-known writer with zero published novels to her name pity the author of one of the world’s longest and greatest works of fiction?

Find out Why I Used to Feel Sorry for Tolstoy (and Why I’m Over It Now) by clicking here to hop over to The Alliterative Allomorph.

Jessica Bell As A Guest on My Blog

You might also like to read the interview I hosted here on Off The Shelf  with Jessica a little while ago.

Some of My Other Posts About Writing

If you’re interested in reading more of my posts about writing, as a writer rather than a book promoter, try these for size, all published on my personal YoungByName blog:

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