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Neil Harvey

You’re next! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you write a blog on your author website (and you should), here’s a handy way to reach new readers: take part in a blog tag.

What’s a blog tag? It’s is a bit like a chain letter, only much nicer – and without the threat of dire results should you decide not to respond!

In a blog tag, the first blogger answers a series of questions, and at the end names one or more other bloggers who they’d like to take up the challenge next.

Generally, both the author who’s initiated the post and those who are tagged at the end will share their posts with all their contacts. Hey presto, new readers for all! It’s a civilised and friendly game in which every player wins. Although these blog tags tend to be highly structured, there’s usually plenty of room for you to adapt each one to suit your style and your message.

Be warned, if you’re going to do this properly, it can be  very time-consuming. But manage it wisely and it will be well worth the effort. Just be careful not to pick up the blog baton too often. Blogs swamped with tag posts make dreary reading. A little bit of blog tagging goes a long way.

Naturally, the most useful type of blog tag for a writer to get involved with is one that focuses on your books and your writing. One such tag that’s currently doing the rounds is “The Next Big Thing”. Click on any of the links below to see how four different writers have responded this week:

Historical novelist David Ebsworth

Historical novelist Paula Lofting

Historical novelist Helen Hollick

And, to add a bit of non-historical variety, me!

Writer Debbie Young


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