12 Reasons Why Authors Should Be On Twitter

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I’m a born-again Tweeter. Having joined the site in its infancy, for a long time I did very little with it. But having recently rediscovered it, I’m now spreading the word with evangelical zeal about its benefits for authors. Here are twelve compelling reasons why, if you’ve written a book, you should get tweeting now. (And please don’t hesitate to comment if you can think of more to add to my list.)

  1. Twitter enables you to find thousands of new readers interested in your subject or genre that you would find nigh impossible to reach in other ways.
  2. You will be able to rub shoulders with successful authors and engage in real, meaningful conversations with them. (I love Twitter’s level playing-field.)
  3. You’ll gain moral support from other new and aspiring authors who will help you when you’re suffering from writer’s block or a lull in sales.
  4. The discipline of creating a strong message with just 140 characters is excellent writing and sub-editing practice.
  5. It is a handy source of new ideas, inspiration and motivation.
  6. You can use it any time of day or night to promote your books and build your readership – though as any first-rate Twitterer will tell you, it’s not good etiquette to send out only sales messages. The idea is to engage with and charm people – and the book sales will follow.
  7. If you’ve got a Smartphone, you can use it anywhere you can get a signal – it’s the single most-used app on my phone.
  8. You’ll discover new and interesting books by authors you might never have heard. I’ve come across some real gems and am reading much more than before. Avid readers make better writers.
  9. You’ll make new supportive, like-minded friends not only with other writers, but with readers and publishing professionals as well.
  10. It’s an easy way to keep abreast of news, trends and developments in the world of publishing and bookselling.
  11. It’s fun! Whenever I spend a few minutes (and, er, yes, it’s often very much more!) on Twitter, I always come away with a smile on my face.
  12. If you don’t join, you’ll be missing out on a valuable promotional tool that is completely free of charge.
English: Twitter headquarters at 795 Folsom St...

Twitter headquarters – such a big building for such tiny messages! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re not already on Twitter, or haven’t yet taken full advantage of what it has to offer, there are plenty of self-help books and forums around to guide you on the nitty-gritty. The one I’ve found most helpful is Nicola Morgan’s Tweet Right. I like her chirpy – groan! – style and realistic approach, but, as the BBC likes to say, other books are available, as any bookstore visit, whether bricks and mortar or online, will tell you.

Hope to see you on Twitter! You’ll find me there  at https://twitter.com/DebbieYoungBN.

PS This post started life with the title “5 Reasons Why Authors Should Be On Twitter” but as I wrote, the list just kept growing. That’s the Twitter effect for you!

If you found this post helpful, you might also like this one about making the most of your email signature: On Every Email

And there’ll be much more advice on all aspects of book promotion in my new book, “Sell More Books!”, to be published by SilverWood Books in September! 


7 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why Authors Should Be On Twitter

    • Thanks, Nicola – and you can bet that I’ll be mentioning it on Twitter as soon as it comes out! In fact I think I’ve given your book a mention in there too, now I come to think of it! My book doesn’t have the space to devote a huge number of pages to Twitter, so I’m giving a brief overview of it then referring them on to your book as the next step. And I think I came across you initially on Twitter, so there is deep poetic justice there!

    • I know, it’s frightening how quickly it becomes a part of the everyday routine! If it didn’t exist, I think we’d have to invent it! I really enjoy catching up with people on there – I think it brings out the best in people. So many share information so generously there; it has a real feel-good factor about it.

    • I know what you mean, Sally – I’m avoiding Pinterest for the same reason. But I do think that for authors, it’s worth giving Twitter a try as it’s a brilliant (and FREE!) way to reach new readers that might otherwise never find out about you or buy your book. Great antidote to the isolation of sitting alone at your keyboard too – but maybe best done with a strict eye on the clock!

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