How A Local Author Gained Radio Coverage

Paul Newnton's debut novel
The Witch takes to the airwaves

Delighted to hear that BBC Radio Gloucestershire is keen to interview Off The Shelf ‘s first ever author, Paul Newnton, about his debut novel, The Witch at Happy End.  Paul was born and raised in rural Gloucestershire and the fact that he has moved all over the country but remained at heart a Gloucestershire lad is music to the ears of the eponymous BBC radio station.

Though he now lives about as far away from Gloucestershire as it is possible to get without leaving England, he will, through the miracle of modern technology, appear to be speaking from the station’s  Gloucester studios, while actually he is in Norfolk.  Witchery indeed…

His interview will be broadcast on Wednesday 10th November – time to be advised.  For more information and to read an extract from his delightful rural tale, you can click here to visit his website.


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