Debbie Young, author of "Sell Your Books!", at her book launch

Debbie Young at the launch of her book promotion handbook, “Sell Your Books!”

Are you a published author or a new or aspiring writer wondering how to promote your books? Whether you are self-published, published by an indie publishing company or by a major trade publishing firm, I’m here to help you sell your books!

Every author’s promotional needs are different.  You may be happy to promote your own work, or you may need advice and guidance.

Each book – whether an ebook or in print – will have a specific target market. The more closely your promotional campaign addresses your market, the more successful it will be.

Here on the Off The Shelf Book Promotions website, I blog about book marketing, and my expert advice will help you devise your own affordable marketing programme to match the nature of your book, your target market and your promotional budget. Some of the best ideas won’t even cost you a penny – just time, effort and determination.

Being an author myself, I understand how hard it is to crack the market out there. I write fiction and non-fiction, and of particular interest to you will be my self-help books for authors:

  • Sell Your Books!, the highly-acclaimed author’s guide to book promotion (25 x 5* reviews on Amazon.co.uk at the start of 2014)
  • Opening up to Indie Authors, co-authored with Dan Holloway, commissioned by the Alliance of Independent Authors to support their “Open Up To Indies” campaign
  • An Author’s Guide to Blogging will follow later this year

Open Invitation to Guest Bloggers

Many of the posts on this website cite practical examples of book promotion by successful authors. If you have a particular marketing success story that you’d like to share here, please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibility of your featuring in a special guest post.